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Our construction services have been trusted by homeowners, concreters, plumbers, and builders across Toowoomba and surrounds for more than 10 years. We have completed earthworks for projects of varying scope, with the end goal always being a happy client and a superior result. You can find a comprehensive, non-exhaustive breakdown of our most popular services below.

Concrete foundation work

Take the guesswork out of your next construction job with MCJ

House construction


House and Shed Pads

House and shed pads

Give your new home or shed the most solid and steady foundations – let us take care of the pad process.




Footings done well are what we do. Our expert understanding of all terrains ensures a perfect result every time.


Concrete Block Retaining Walls

Concrete block retaining walls

The perfect base for larger projects, concrete is king when it comes to heftier retaining walls – and we know plenty about them.


Sandstone Block Retaining Walls

Sandstone block retaining walls

After a retaining wall that is sturdy and stylish? Our sandstone options have got you covered.

General and specialist excavation


Bulk Earthworks

Bulk earthworks

Our bulk earthworks are one of our key services that we provide – if we can dig it, we will do it in an expert and cost-effective manner.




We have the expert equipment to take on trenching for sites of all sizes, laying the groundwork for seamless installation.


Tight Access Excavation

Tight access excavation

Got narrow access to a job site? It’s nothing we can’t handle with our specialist tight access excavation.

Removal services


Soil Removal

Soil removal

Start your project off with soil removal services that leave your site prepped to perfection.


Concrete Removal

Concrete removal

We keep your project safe and clean with our efficient concrete removal service.


Land Clearing

Land clearing

Obstacles? What obstacles? Our heavy-duty earthmoving equipment can handle all your land clearing needs for any site.

Additional services


Auger Holes

Auger holes

Need a hole for fencing, gates, trees, or plants? Our auger digger attachment drills to site-specific depths with ease.


Aggregate and Soil Supplies

Aggregate and soil supplies

Skip the step (and cost) of a material wholesaler – we can deliver soil, sand, clay, gravel, and more to your construction site.

Areas we service

Based out of Torrington, we provide our high-quality construction and earthworks services to sites around Toowoomba, including in:

  • Dalby
  • Gatton
  • Crows Nest
  • Allora
  • Clifton

If you don’t see your locality here, don’t worry – this is just a sample of the areas that we travel to. Call us today to see if we can help with your next project.

Contact the excavation specialists in Toowoomba and beyond

MCJ is committed to customer satisfaction. If you want your next construction project to be completed by a team who is skilled, passionate, and happy to tackle all your concerns, get in touch today – we would love to work with you.

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